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We launch and grow your crypto project

whole team of developers, marketing experts, DeFi / NFTs data analysts will assist your project

Our Team

The strength of our research team is their comprehensive background characterized by experiences in sectors such as traditional finance, decentralized finance, manual, quantitative trading, development of NFTs and launching of new projects on blockchain.


Our team boasts active experience covering fundamental roles also in realities outside the sector such as traditional financial training companies such as, or established companies in the marketing world such as, Popsi and BI Developer reality. , Data Analytics as Cluster Reply.


We also boast a host of private collaborators with whom we collaborate on a daily basis in a job sharing relationship.


In fact, there is no shortage of Web3 developers, Nft's collectors with exclusive access to Alpha Channel Discord and Telegram, Crypto and DeFi Trader, Business Developer, DeFi Marketing Expert, Project Manager and Social Media Manager.


Our Partners collaborates with some of the largest financial news outlets on the web.

You can find our articles, we also provide our weekly financial rating analysis to the

As an Exchange partner we have a close collaboration


Professionals and experts in the sector

I got in touch with the community in 2020, in 2021 I decided to launch my first crypto project. Their support was crucial.




Beautiful reality

I commissioned him to develop the smart contract and the website. Excellent work, flawless and on schedule.




Analysis not found in other communities

I have been in the base community for a few months: I think that in Italy a reality like this does not exist. If I had to describe it with one word I would say "elitist". The contents are truly above average.



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