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Worldwide Webb, the 2D metaverse you need to know

A Metaverse with NFT interoperability and retro graphics, inspired by Pokemon Nintendo.

In this article we examine Worldwide Webb, a blockchain virtual world accessible through any browser using a Web3 wallet. We dive into the project's recent success and highlight its performance in the marketplace.

Worldwide Webb (W3) is a blockchain virtual world that launched on November 29. Despite being recently born, the project has shown serious potential in sales and social metrics. It is the 19th most traded NFT collection on OpenSea, with a floor price of 2.5 eths for small apartments to 100 eths for a Penthouse.

We analyze the key factors of WorldWide Webb, compare the performance with similar projects and discuss the future of this virtual world.

Please do not consider this report as financial advice.

Worldwide Webb 3

Blockchain: Ethereum

Release Date: November 2021

Supply: 9508

Types: 4

WorldwideWebb (W3) is a blockchain-based MMORPG set in a pixelated cyberpunk virtual world. A universe where users can navigate, collaborate, and compete together. It uses NFTs to represent game avatars, pets, lands, items, and quests (QUEST). One of the strengths of the project is to focus on a collaborative effort with established NFT projects such as CyberKongz, CryptoPunks, BAYC and many others, unlocking a true interoperability paradigm by also integrating smaller projects, such as Larva Lads.

Integrated NFT projects gain further utility within W3, as each collection is integrated in a different way. When NFT owners access W3 with their wallets, the NFTs unlock unique visual customization for the player character. Others can serve as companions, pets, cars, and more.

While a very recent project, W3 has achieved significant milestones since its release in late November 2021. The metaverse is already public and usable, players can use their own avatar and venture into the pixelated world of W3. Users can explore certain city blocks, which are continuously being developed, play mini-games, and socialize with other players (via chat).

As of February 28, 2022, it is also possible to create and modify apartments, for those who hold NFTs in the collection. W3 is still accessible to anyone, holders and non holders.

W3 shows steady growth despite market headwinds. The collection launched three months ago, on November 29, and has already reached $50,299,601 in trading volume. In addition, the minimum price for each apartment type has grown dramatically. For example, first-time buyers of small apartments are at least 1300% in profit territory, while those who have minted a penthouse have seen a 9000% increase in value.

To put this in perspective, Treeverse, a similar (10k supply) blockchain-based MMORPG project that had been established since August 2021 (when market sentiment was much more bullish), currently has a minimum price of 1.5 ETH and an 800% ROI.

Trading volume over the past seven days for W3 is 2.1k ETH, making W3 the 19th most traded collection currently. In comparison, Treeverse ranks 73rd with 245 ETH.

The highest sale recorded for W3 occurred 6 days ago (Feb. 22) where a penthouse was sold for 86 ETH to the team at KARAFURU, a well-known blue chip project. Penthouses are the rarest and most valuable type of apartment.


W3 is a well-distributed collection. The unique holder ratio - the percentage of unique portfolios - is 48%. The top five whales have 9.93% of the total supply; among them is famed cryptocurrency investor Pranksy, who ranks 5th, owning 100 apartments. This concentration of whales is marginally higher than that of Treeverse, which has a concentration of 8.11%.

However, Treeverse has a significantly lower ratio of unique holders at 36%. The higher the concentration of whales and the lower the holder ratio, the more vulnerable the collection is to sudden price changes. One should be aware of the risks of following whale investments. While the concentration of whales for Treeverse and W3 is on par, W3 may be less affected by whale activity due to the higher ratio of holders.

Whale concentration ratio: 9.93% / 944 plot

WorldWide Webb Utility

The utility factor in W3 is substantial. W3 has previously released two other NFT projects that helped the team obtain seed money for W3's development. In addition to the Worldwide Webb Land batches, the team also released CryptoWeeb avatars and CryptoGFs as unlockable items in the game. Early adoption of these two NFT projects rewarded owners with extra utility in addition to monetary appreciation.

CryptoWeebs is a collection of 72 handmade pixel avatars integrated into the W3 world. Once the NFT owner logs into the game with their wallet, they will be able to customize their character with a unique look that resembles the NFT they purchased.

CryptoGFs in the same way are an NFT collection of 16 unique cards. Once the holder accesses their wallet, these cards have an augmented reality feature. Having a CryptoGF unlocks a character in W3 and each one has a complex backstory developed through a series of quests.

Soon W3 will release its own token, this will be a very important event for the project and its community. Not much information about the WEBB token is available yet, we will update you as soon as possible..

Features of the metaverse

The apartments are integrated into the world of W3 and directly connected to the outside world. However, the content of the apartments is left to the discretion of the owner. Their placement in the outside world is not set in stone. The developers aim to give the owners as much freedom as possible with their land. Apartments are a finite resource, unlike other metaverse, such as in the case of SandBox. which continues to create new lands, see Adidas, Gucci, Ubisoft and many others...

You can use your apartments in a public or private environment; you can also convert your apartment into a large exhibition space or turn it into a commercial establishment such as a bar, disco or store. You can also convert the area into a billboard for NFT projects or rent it out.

However, there is also digital life outside of apartments. Developers are working on a Mario Kart-inspired racing game, where players race through the streets of Worldwide Webb. The developers also plan to introduce PvP battles where players wager an NFT or some tokens, the winner will get all the loot. Players can expect Pokémon-inspired battles in which digital pets like NFT Mooncats fight against other NFT pets. Comparable options will be introduced soon, in a battle-royal style PvP mode.

Similar concepts are supported by Treeverse, which sees land instanced to maximize value and player enjoyment. Land that is instantiated can be kept private for the player and turned into a workshop or personal storage space. Note that unlike W3, Treeverse does not intend to become a decentralized project, and all decisions by the development team are final.

Community and social media

Twitter followers: 90k+

Discord members: 29k+

Having a dedicated and interested community is vital for any project, especially in the blockchain space.

W3's Discord has about 30k users with twenty specialized channels for various interests and a voice channel. Users are active daily on all channels, showing an established community around this project.

W3's Twitter metrics are also solid. In fact, the profile has more than 90k users with an average of 1.5k new followers per day.

As mentioned above, there are no further land sales planned in W3's future, the project aims to become a DAO. In essence, the W3 community will have a significant voice in the future of the project.

Team Overview

Thomas Webb leads a team of web3 developers, programmers, and artists known in the NFT scene. Webb is very active on social media and in the blockchain world.

Speaking of the artisit: Guttykreum is a skilled pixel artist, he created most of W3's graphics. Matt Havik is an accomplished game designer and nft collector.

The team also consists of artists RealJuice and KT, who are not very active on social media.

Despite still being very small, the team is well-rounded and very talented. Each member is publicly known, which adds an extra layer of credibility and confidence in the success of the game. The scenario is ideal in the NFT space and covers all the essential elements of any serious project.


W3 is growing a lot and is now one of the most followed projects in the NFT landscape. Unlike most projects that fail in an attempt to meet their community's expectations, W3 is known to surprise and amaze holders by delivering innovations, updates, features and accessibility to their platform to the community. In addition, the team has integrated many popular NFT collections such as Cryptopunks, BAYC and Cool Cats, with many more planned for integration in the future. This interoperability raises W3's profile by being associated with more popular projects, at the same time other NFT collections gain additional utility through W3. This has earned it the attention of many major cryptocurrency investors; however, the collection is still very well distributed, with a 48% holder ratio as we saw in the Whale concentration ratio: 9.93% / 944 plot.

The community is active and growing rapidly mainly due to the approach focused on integrating other nfts projects. W3 is developing at a dizzying pace, with significant new developments expected almost every month. The core of the project should be finished, now is the transition to a DAO, at which point the community will take over. We at cryptohubble maintain that W3 can become a major and necessary player in the development of the NFT world and the Metaverse.


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