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Who is XCOPY

XCOPY is a digital artist active in the field of Crypto Art and NFTs.

His true identity is unknown, as with many other artists in this field for that matter. He creates glitchy digital artworks that usually deal with the theme of death, dystopia and apathy through flashing images and distorted loops, often with references to the crypto world community. Some of his most prominent works are released under a CC0 license and he is among the best-selling and most appreciated NFT artists in the NFT scene. His art has inspired many other well-known artists such as OSF, creator of the Rekt Guy collection.

XCOPY's work is not generative, so he does not appear on generative art platforms such as Art Blocks. Instead, he creates new collections on multiple platforms such as SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Async, and NiftyGateway. His works are resold on popular marketplaces such as Opensea or on SuperRare and KnownOrigin marketplaces.

His style in the details

The crypto art icon's style differs from that of other digital artists. His cartoony illustrations use bright colors with black outlines, but the underlying theme of the work is darker. As we mentioned earlier, his work "explores death, dystopia and apathy through distorted visual loops." His NFTs are accompanied by flashes and neon, using jarring movement based on glitches and bright colors that could cause problems for epileptics (seriously).

Ultimately, the essence of XCOPY lies in the punk atmosphere of his work, featuring skulls, fires, psychedelic influences and lots of neon. Subjects can be creepy, with witty and quirky titles and captions. For example, the caption of Froggy's Big Adventure, which depicts a hallucinating frog, reads:

"Big Froggy ate some fairy dust and now he has too many friends to share it with."

The Internet loves memes, and XCOPY's crude work, combined with the big sales numbers, almost seems like an inside joke in the digital community, highlighting the absurdities of capitalism.


XCOPY has been around for a relatively long time, with hundreds of sales of different collections. Its biggest sales have raised millions of dollars...

A Coin for the Ferryman

In early November, a piece by XCOPY titled "A Coin for the Ferryman" sold on SuperRare for 1,330 ETH, worth more than $6 million at the time. This piece broke the all-time record for the highest sale on the market. This sale really illustrates the meteoric rise in popularity of XCOPY. Only 3 years ago, in 2018, SuperRare user @0xclipse had purchased the piece directly from the artist for about 139 ETH.

"Some Asshole"

Another mind-boggling sale occurred in October, when collector Cozomo de' Medici paid $3.86 million in ETH for a work titled "Some Asshole." The crude and vulgar title reflects the relatable nature of XCOPY's work, turning the sale into a commentary on capitalism.

Max Pain and Frens

Max Pain and Frens is a collection of multiple works that was initially launched on Nifty Gateway. The launch consisted of an open edition, two ranked auctions, a draw, and two burn steps to redeem the artworks. As complicated as it sounds, these are normal processes used for NFT launches. The open edition artwork, titled "Max Pain," was available to all and sold 7,394 editions.

This collection is the largest in terms of supply, however 7k does not represent such a large number if we consider the law of supply and demand (obviously the current moment is not the best for the jpeg market, but in this case after all, we are talking about art).

Right Click Share by XCOPY and Deca

Right Click Share is a digital art experiment created by XCOPY in collaboration with Deca Art on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 1,024 pixels make up the total image created by XCOPY. Each pixel is an NFT, which allows the public to hold the keys for the total creation of the image.

Holders are able to "attest" their Right Click Share NFT pixel(s) on-chain. Serial #0 Right Click Share reads the attested pixels and renders the pixels live. If all 1,024 are attested, the entire Right Click Share image will appear with no missing pixels. However, attested pixels only last for a year before they are unattested. After a year, the holder will have to re-attest their pixel(s) to keep the Right Click Share #0 image filled.

XCOPY is undoubtedly the highest paid and most appreciated NFT artist in the crypto art world, after Beeple. We believe it is important to monitor his artistic work and consider what is the best way to purchase and hold one of his pieces, if you obviously appreciate and believe in this field (NFA & DYOR).


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