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Who is Caroline Ellison? FTX case study

Allegations are circulating that Ellison, along with FTX founder SBF, may have stolen billions of dollars from FTX clients' accounts using them to cover up investments made by Alameda. The two young colleagues and former romantic partners intended to donate tons of money to charity as "effective altruism" and ended up creating one of the biggest financial crashes in crypto history.

Customers and regulators are now looking for answers.

Many of their past comments are resurfacing of great concern to analysts, including Ellison's claim that his use of math as head of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund was not crucial.

"Absolutely I could do it without my math degree," he said during an episode of the El Momento podcast, posted on YouTube in May. He went on to say that working at the commercial company Alameda used "very little math" and what he used was "like elementary school."

Social media posts were often immature, and certainly did not denote a strong knowledge of the world of crypto and finance in general.


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