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What is Lens Protocol?

Lens, a customizable and decentralized social network

Lens Protocol is a decentralized social network that has a low carbon footprint and an established Web3 team behind it. Each user retains ownership of their profile and the content they create. You can create a DAO account, monetize your content and transfer your data. More web3 tools are on the way as the team believes in constant work on innovation and community service.

What is Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol is a composite, decentralized social graph on the Polygon proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain that empowers creators and puts them in control of their content and data.

What are the goals of Lens Protocol?

The team seeks to mirror real-life social interactions without confining people to policies and algorithms. It gives power back to users, right down to the right to monetize their content as they see fit.

Lens Protocol wants to "create better and more sustainable online social experiences." The social media platform considers its impact on the environment as it works to develop its technology.

How does Lens Protocol work?

When you create a profile, you create a composable NFT. This dynamic NFT stores all your content, comments, likes and reposts. The profile is tied to a wallet address. If you want to collect someone's publication, you receive a negotiable NFT. As a content creator, you have control over who can collect your publications. The Lens protocol allows you to monetize social media. You can require others to pay a fee to get certain content. You can also create subscriptions.

Because Lens Protocol is on the Polygon blockchain, applications can be distributed on any chain. Polygon is compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). Gas charges are also low on Polygon.

NFTs are a key component of the decentralized social graph. They contain built-in governance that enables them to perform several tasks, including delegating energy, obtaining energy to a specific block number, and obtaining the total supply delegated to a specific block number.

Features of Lens Protocol

Profile NFT.

Each profile receives its own NFT. Content and interactions with that content are stored on the token. A wallet address can own more than one profile NFT if you want to manage multiple social media accounts.

To avoid abusers, the Lens Protocol allows the creation of profiles only to addresses on the governance whitelist. If you are creating an application that needs to coin multiple user profiles, please contact the team on Discord for assistance.

Follow NFT

Following someone results in a Follow NFT. It includes a rarity ranking and a utility. One possible utility is the right to vote, if the person you follow offers it.


Publishing is the term Lens Protocol uses to refer to content. You can post videos, photos, music, and text to your NFT Profile. Posting directly to your NFT Profile helps ensure that all user-created content belongs to the user.


You can collect publications based on the owner's arrangements, such as price and time. Once the owner has set up a Collect Form, followers can coin NFTs linked to the contentURI of each publication. In this way, it is possible to curate content on the blockchain.


The mirror function reposts other users' content on your own feed. It is possible to earn a share of the original owner's profits.

Integrated governance

The integrated governance option is a feature that Lens Protocol offers. You can create a social media account that allows followers to vote on key decisions.

Multisig Community.

Multisig portfolios run on this decentralized social graph. A multisig wallet requires more than one signature to confirm transactions and authorization requests. With this feature, users are assured that their content is secure and the protocol will continue to develop as a robust and constructive network.

Lens Protocol Grant

Lens Protocol offers grants to those with a good idea to further develop the platform.

Is it worth trying Lens?

Lens Protocol is worth trying because it protects you from deprecation and discrimination. You can build an audience without fear of being separated from it through the removal of your account. Taking the time to cultivate an audience on the platform can also reward you. You are able to monetize your content in the way you prefer.

Lens Protocol is committed to improving its platform. In addition to a team of developers, it offers grants to other developers who have ideas for expanding existing features. Behind Lens Protocol is also an established Web3 company. It is therefore unlikely that you will end up with an outdated social media network.


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