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What is RTFKT?

Millions of people around the world went crazy when Nike (one of the largest fashion retailers) bought RTFKT.

But what is RTFKT? Why did Nike purchase them? Let's take a dive into the past.

What is RTFKT?

Doing a quick Google search reveals that it is "the brand that makes virtual sneakers."

But the brand offers much more, including impressive collaborations, an innovative approach to augmented reality, and the ability to "forge" NFTs into real collectibles.

RTFKT was created by Benoit Pagotto, Steven Vasilev and Chris Le, all of whom have alleged backgrounds in video games and fashion. The trio's main goal is to combine fashion, games and the metaverse. They have already done so with a number of successful projects such as:

The Meta Pigeon: A Collaboration with Jeff Staple, which brought back a revamped version of the metaverse of the infamous Nike SB Dunk Low 'Pigeon. (Sneaker fans know why this one is special 😉).

RTFKT Punk project gen 1: a collaboration with Crypto Punk. CryptoPunk owners can request a custom sneaker. Basically, your 'monkey' now has his own pair of sneakers!

Feewocious RKFT NFT Collaboration: Feewocious is the third highest paid NFT artist in the world. This project is similar to Meta Pigeon, except that holders also have the option of "forging" their NFT to get a pair of sneakers in real life. We will talk more about forging later.

Clone X: Collection of 20,000 3D Avatar NFTs in collaboration with artist Murakami (We will discuss this in more detail below).

As you can see from these previous projects, these guys are really trendsetters when it comes to integrating fashion with NFTs. But that still doesn't explain why Nike acquired the brand. I mean, don't they already have enough shoes and what can RTFKT bring to the table that Nike doesn't already have?

So what is Nike doing?

Without mincing words, Nike is really trying to establish itself in the metaverse. It has already debuted "Nikeworld," in partnership with Roblox, and now it has acquired RTFKT, a company that brings fashion into the metaverse.

So the answer is very simple: Nike is trying to be part of this next fashion revolution in the metaverse. But have they made the right choice with RFTKT and Clone X? Are the art and graphics part good?

"Cryptohubble, you still haven't told us what Clone X is!"

Clone X is a set of 20,000 NFTs, made in collaboration with Takashi Murakami (the artist who has worked with Louis Vuitton and Vogue). The different DNAs on the design are reminiscent of the different styles you can get and forge ... in sneakers and other clothing.

Clone X is like their previous projects but with a twist. It will include clothing and shoes. Just think, instead of trying to buy cheap replicas of your NFT online, you will be able to get the real version at no extra cost.

This includes: shoes, jackets, quality t-shirts and much more.

Basically, everything you need!

How does it work?

If you are still wondering what forging is, let us explain. "Forging" in this case is essentially cloning an IRL (in real life) version of your avatar's fashion.

So, if my NFT had a nice hoodie, I would be able to get an IRL version of that.

The way this happens is through a "forging event" that, depending on the project, takes place 2-3 times a year. And, incredible to say, this has been done by RTFKT before.

Take a look at the image below.

However, forging is not yet available for the Clone X, and since the Clone X's designs are much more extravagant, many have expressed doubts about whether this design can actually be forged.

However, now that Nike has acquired it, who knows, the possibilities could be endless!

So am I only paying for merchandising?

The short answer is no. There are several other benefits that come with purchasing a Clone X. These include:

It is ready for the metaverse: You know the 99% of projects that say they are "ready for the metaverse" but have nothing to show for it? Well, Clone X is different. Clone X has a Clone Meta Vault, which allows NFT owners to access the 3D files needed to add their NFT to any metaverse. Not to mention the collaboration with Oncyber (more on this in the near future).

It is also possible to use these NFTs in augmented reality, as has been done on IG and Snapchat.

  • Clone x wearables: Eventually it will be possible to customize your own avatar. However, keep in mind that this has not yet been done, so these are just rumors at the moment.

  • Special Access: You will have access to the RFTKT community and events. Since this is a first-rate NFT collection, the potential is huge. However, now that Nike has acquired the project, the concern of many is whether or not the team has the same passion and can pull it off.

  • Airdrops: Like other NFT projects, Clone X also includes the possibility of receiving airdrops and so it has already happened, in fact, Clone X holders have already received many airdrops worth as much as 70 eth at ATH!

How to purchase it

At the time of writing this article, Clone X RTFKT has a base price of 13 Eth. The only way to purchase it is through a secondary market such as OpenSea.

If you are confused about how to proceed, check out our free tutorial on how to use OpenSea.

The future?

In conclusion, Clone, X is a game changer. It is a concept that really brings fashion to the game and the metaverse. However, it remains to be seen whether or not the metaverse itself will be a success (we talked about it here). Even if the metaverse does come to fruition, some believe that the excitement of the project will wear off or that future competitors will bring down its value.

With that in mind, is it safe to bet on something that people are uncertain about?

Nevertheless, it is definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL OR INVESTMENT ADVICE. You alone are responsible for any decision regarding the capital you invest, and you alone are responsible for the results.


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