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What is an AirDrop in Crypto?

Due to strict controls and blocks on ICOs due to multiple scams against investors, Airdrops have become a new and attractive alternative.

Today, many development teams avoid going the ICO route by choosing to release their tokens for free through a so-called "Airdrop."

In an Airdrop, tokens are sent to a set of addresses (wallets) that are selected or meet certain requirements. The goal is to give away tokens to users who are most likely unfamiliar with the project so that it goes viral.

Airdrops are typically done on exchanges such as Binance, where the validity of the project is verified so that recipients are not skeptical of what has been gifted via Airdrop. The token holders have not invested a single dollar in the project, so they have a lot of incentive to grow the project by sharing it on various socials.

Many people do not even realize that they have received the tokens. Anyone with a Metamask wallet will have wondered at least once:

"How come I have tokens of this crypto? I don't remember ever buying it" Your wallet address was probably randomly chosen as the beneficiary of an "Airdrop campaign."

The goal is to bring outside interest to the project, thus enticing new individuals to discuss it.

Many times, however, Airdrop can also be used as a means of defrauding the token beneficiary.

Want to know how fraudulent token owners use Airdrop to steal from you?

Follow our "Research & Analysis" section daily and don't miss our article on fraudulent transactions via cryptocurrency.


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