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The Sandbox - Guide to the Virtual Lands and the Metaverse

A guide on buying your first LAND on SandBox.

To acquire or not to acquire a LAND on The Sandbox is a difficult decision for many people but at the same time very attractive in terms of rewards.

This article will explain how to acquire LAND from both the primary market of The Sandbox and the secondary market of Opensea.


A LAND is a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox Metaverse. Each land is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main purpose of LANDs is to allow game designers and owners to develop game experiences on them or vr developers virtual life experience.

It will be possible to earn from the ownership of these virtual assets in multiple ways:

  • Play-to-earn game development

  • Renting land to other users or developers

  • Monetizing traffic on LAND through advertisements

  • Metaphysical stores

  • Buying and selling of exposed NFT's

  • Virtual real estate (trading)

  • Commitment (Staking) of land

  • There are two types of LANDs: normal and premium.

  • Premium LANDs have more advantages than normal LANDs.

Premium LANDs are the virtual lands surrounding major partners or social hubs. The LANDs surrounding that area will benefit from more traffic due to the interest circulating around these social hubs.

This means :

More traffic and therefore more potential monetary revenue from pay-to-play games or LAND rentals.

The more players that come through the virtual land the more you could get returns from billboarding. The metaverse will in fact definitely be a new way of online advertising. Suffice it to say that the main advertising portal is Facebook, and we all know by now that Facebook has converted to Meta by externalizing its intention to invest substantial sums in virtual reality.


LAND can be purchased on The Sandbox website during public sales (auctions) announced in advance to the official Sandbox community. In order to participate, it is essential to have registered an account and have a Metamask wallet. You will also need SAND within the wallet linked to your account on The Sandbox and also ETH for blockchain transaction fees.

During public LAND sales, those interested in purchasing will need to access the map on The Sandbox website.


  • Click on the available LAND you wish to purchase.

  • Available regular LAND will be gray and available premium LAND will be yellow.

  • A panel will open to the right of the screen. Click on the blue purchase button.

  • The LAND will be reserved until the transaction is completed. The LAND will turn purple to indicate that it has been reserved.

  • Your wallet will open and you will have the option to complete the purchase. Once the transaction is confirmed, the LAND will turn red to indicate that you now own it.

BUYING LAND ON OpenSea (secondary market).

OpenSea is a third-party secondary market where you can purchase many NFTs, including The Sandbox LANDs.

A LAND can be purchased in SAND or ETH, depending on the seller's choice.

When purchasing on OpenSea, you will need to register with TheSandBox to register ownership of the LAND.

We therefore recommend using the same wallet (wallet metamask) on both platforms to avoid having to pay fees to move the LAND from the wallet you are using on OpenSea to the wallet you are using on The Sandbox.


NFT values tend to fluctuate significantly even within a few hours.

This makes it very complicated to determine a priori what is the correct value of an NFT (artwork or land)

It should be noted that at this time, the value of LAND onThe Sandbox is affected by the incredible FOMO triggered by the conversion of FB to META.

One objective parameter that can be used to value a virtual land can be the proximity to major ESTATE partners.

For example, a premium LAND that touches a major ESTATE that belongs to a major partner (e.g., Tesla or FTX) can generally be valued much more expensive than a premium LAND that does not touch the ESTATE or a regular LAND that is farther away from it.

Why this?

Because players will generate in the metaverse through the portals found on these partner ESTATES. It is therefore considered likely that players will visit nearby LANDs that are usually also Premium LANDs.

More traffic means more opportunities to monetize the land.

Another motivation might lie in the fact that, should the owners of the large blocks decide to expand, they would be forced to buy your land as well, bringing the eventual bargain in your favor.

For this reason, there is a tendency to place more value on land bordering large blocks owned by summer partners.

We at Cryptohubble are big believers in virtual reality, and those of you who follow us know that we have decided to invest in this area for some time now, both through cryptocurrencies and through virtual real estate and finally, the stock market.

We are aware of the fact that TheSandBox is still a Beta layer and that in the near future it will have a lot of competition to take down in order to win the leading role but, by the same token, we think it is also the layer with the highest potential at the moment. NFA & DYOR, always.


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