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The NFT market is back on track

Over the last few weeks, there has been a surge in volume and media attention around the world of NFTs. One of the most surprising success stories is that of Nakamigos, a simple pixelated jpeg accessible through the end of the Sartoshi pass. This NFT has gained so much popularity that even renowned artist Beeple dedicated his latest piece to it.

Another player in the market, Yuga Labs, has seen a rise in price due to its collaboration with Gucci and the release of the KodaPendants necklace - a limited edition Pendant NFT and physical necklace. This marks Gucci's entry into the web3 world. In addition, the release of Legend of the Mara (LOTM) game, based on the Otherside Koda collection, introduces a new collection called Mara that can evolve into Kodamara.

Recent airdrops have brought fresh life into the NFT market, pleasing both NFT enthusiasts and traders alike. The market is returning to the interested volumes of the past, raising hopes for the return of the beloved bull market of jpegs.

This is supported by the recent increase in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which touched $1867 today, along with DeGods and Y00ts reaching new ATHs once transferred to the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain.

Stay tuned as we continue to watch the exciting developments in the world of NFTs!


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