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NFTs - Weird, fascinating and skyrocketing ratings!

Mike Tyson x Cory Van Lew

Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of NFTs! If you are reading this, you have probably heard something about non-fungible tokens, one of the latest trends in the world of decentralized finance. This column will explain what an NFT is, how to acquire one, and then look at 5 NFTs projects that we think are interesting!

For anyone not familiar with them, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are tokens on a blockchain linked to some sort of data or asset. These assets can literally be anything from a jpeg image to a property ownership. Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the supply of an NFT can be limited and is set by their creator. The NFTs industry is still in its infancy and is rapidly expanding.

Currently, NFTs are mostly focused on generative or unique art. The most valuable projects combine these two features and the best example is definitely Cryptopunks. Each punk is created by an algorithm to be unique, however some features are rarer than others. Cryptopunk NFT tokens have a maximum supply of 10,000 and each token is linked to a unique Cryptopunk. Because the token is on the Ethereum Blockchain, the token's authenticity and ownership can be verified by anyone with an Internet connection. This also leaves an ownership trail that can be traced back to the original artist who created the NFT (called a coin), ensuring the authenticity of the artwork.

If someone is using a Cryptopunk as an online profile picture, they can prove that they are the owner of the artwork by simply "pinging" the wallet that contains the Cryptopunk NFT. This "ping" can only be performed by the owner of the wallet.


We at Cryptohubble purchase our NFTs on Opensea regarding projects created on the Ethereum blockchain, while for Solana NFTs we recommend using MagicEden.

This week we want to point out 5 NFTs projects that we think are interesting:

Solana Monkey Business (SMB) is one of the few NFT projects on Solana at present. It consists of 5000 unique pixelated monkeys with different rarities and attributes.

With an initial minting cost of 2 SOL it garnered a lot of interest in the Solana community, but it took a couple of days to mint all 5,000 monkeys. Recognizing that the artwork individually would not be enough to develop the project itself, the Solana team is working to develop an actual marketplace focused on its NFTs. The goal is to provide revenue from this market for owners of "non-fungible tokens." They also aim to create a browser game using pixelated monkeys (Solana Monkey Business) as characters. If successful, this would represent a major advance for the Solana metaverse.

Aurory will be a gaming platform based on the play to gain mechanism. The developers firmly believe that this is the way forward for the future of gaming, flowing from pay to play, free to play and finally landing where we are going, real profits made by playing.

Aurory wants people and players around the world to discover blockchain use cases in a fun and educational way. To achieve this ambitious goal, Aurory has chosen to be powered by Solana and to use Serum for the gaming marketplace.

To purchase an aurory you can do so at

BoredMummyWakingUp is a collection of 8,888 unique BoredMummy NFTs. They are digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum Blockchain and evoke the legends they seal with the powerful magic of the Divine Chronosphere.

By owning this Genesis Bored Mummy NFT, you can participate in future activations and benefits that the community will unlock during each milestone reached on the roadmap.

Nice drips are 11,111 created by the incredible Gustopulus. The artist devoted 16 hours a day for 8 weeks to bring them to life.

Every part and detail of the art is hand-drawn and then fed into a magic generator.

The Bold Badgers Squad is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT Bold Badgers built on Solana's blockchain.

Each Bold Badger is unique and randomly generated with a variety of attributes from over 170 traits, including furs, clothing, headgear and more.

All badgers are unique, but some are rarer than others depending on the nature and number of attributes they carry.

Available at


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