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"I want to go back to the condom days of FTX" cit Chief Advisor of 0xHub

Following the launch of its NFT marketplace in July 2021, FTX decided to list its NFT collection depicting a condom with that "f*****g logo of FTX" (GV -0xHub) on it. It was a story that our analysts did not know about and which they were made aware of by GV (Chief Advisor of 0xHub) in a discussion in the Florence crypto forum last Friday.

So at that time, there were not too many financial concerns for the exchange which went down in history as "the company that was able to sell a png depicting a condom for $420K." GV of 0xHub finally addressed a curious piece of evidence: the words "Never breaks, even during large liquidations" appeared on the condom.

"Thinking about it almost makes you want to cry," GV explained.

This is because the poor holders of this NFT have with them only the memory of that digital asset and a lot of hatred towards what seems to have been for all intents and purposes one of the biggest scams in the history of the web.

The collateral behind the NFTs in question were actual condoms. The proceeds were apparently being given to charity.


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