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How to launch a Web3 project? The best free marketing strategies

Today we discuss free marketing strategies for launching and growing a web3 project.

(They apply to both crypto projects and NFT collections.)

We often hear that to make a successful launch in the cryptocurrency world, companies need large sums of money... In most cases indeed, this is the truth, but there are organic altrernatives to succeed in making a launch worthy of being called such.

In fact, a slice of established projects that are considered "blue chips" have been launched organically, without the use of hundreds of thousands in marketing campaigns.

There are many strategies, techniques and methods to be able to grow a project in the blockchain world, and today we will look at 5 marketing strategies to launch crypto and NFT projects.

Ready? Let's get started!

1) Listing Sites

The crypto and NFT community very frequently uses tools, pages, and websites to stay up-to-date on the market and new projects. There are many websites that deal specifically with listing and announcing new projects that will be launched soon (ICO launches, NFT aidrops, etc.).

In the NFT market, investors and flippers spend hours looking at the sites for new gems, new listings, and new projects that they can invest in (or do a quick flip on). Some of the most used websites are and

The same thing goes for ICO launches, and these are some of the plattforms where investors flip the most (,

This strategy not only helps you reach investors and targeted audiences for free but also helps with SEO. If someone were to search for the project name on search engines, they will definitely have results in established sites, where they can go deeper and find links of the project's official social media and website.

2) Mass DM-ing (aka shilling)

The strategy is to contact as many potential NFT and/or crypto investors as possible through BOT messages and automations on social channels.

This is usually done mainly on Twitter, Discord and Linkedin in the English market. While for the Italian market, Instagram and Facebook platforms can be other interesting channels to find investors.

It starts with the search for 'leads' through relevant hashtags, influential profiles in the market, pages dedicated to the crypto world or pages of crypto/NFT projects.

The message approach, should ideally be as little 'spam' as possible. Try to be creative, attention-grabbing and create curiosity.

This method usually has low % conversion and very time-consuming. At the same time it is not very 'professional' from a project branding point of view, but it is a totally free strategy that can help you grow and it works.

But don't expect to find 'high quality' buyers....

3) Social Media Management (independently)

Organic social media management (Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Instagram etc.) can bring great results in terms of growing followers, hype and creating interest about the project.

It is not super easy to grow organically, but if you have knowledge within the crypto world and if you use winning communication, the road is all downhill.

This strategy also requires a lot of energy and time to devote to content creation, but the results can be outstanding.

4) Collaborations

Web3 projects love collaborations, in fact it is not uncommon to see NFT collections collaborating with each other, to exchange audiences, support each other, and create concurrent projects.

To attract potential collaborations you need to be proactive in contacting various projects, establishing a relationship with them and trying to understand their need so that you can offer them a solution in the form of a collaboration.

Some solutions could be 'Whitelist giveaways,' in which case you could contact NFT collections that have recently been launched and are finding a way to bring value to their community.

In this way by giving visibility to your project, they are giving whitelist giveaways to their community.

5) Partnership

In the cryptocurrency world, there are no protocols and step-by-step templates to follow to grow, the industry is always in its infancy, and players are experimenting with new strategies every day to grow.

Another good strategy is to sign up in crypto networking groups, and try to get in touch with entrepreneurs, investors and executive members of crypto companies to create partnerships and promote your project in exchange for a percentage or something of value to them that costs you nothing.

Otherwise it is always possible to contact crypto media channels (sites, blogs, pages) and try to 'snatch' a publication from them for free. This alternative is a bit more complicated, but not impossible. They usually work with PR agencies and already have contracts with them, but it doesn't hurt anyone to give it a try.


There are definitely other good strategies and techniques to grow on social media and raise capital for crypto projects, this has been a list, of the best free strategies in our opinion.

Most crypto projects have used at least one of these strategies to grow, and we at cryptohubble use them constantly to help our clients grow their projects.

If you are looking to launch or grow your web3 project, or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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