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GALA: the 'Epic Games' on Chain

Several times we have talked about Epic Games, the leading American video game development and sales company, best known to the public for creating the game Fortnite.

Although Epic also plans to distribute play to earn (P2E) and MMORPGs on blockchain, they have no interest whatsoever in converting their structure by introducing fungible tokens or NFTs.

No problem, that's taken care of by GALA Games.


Gala Games (not to be confused with Japanese game developer Gala Group, with its gPotato currency) was founded in the United States by Eric Schiermeyer, the man behind the online game FarmVille, with the goal of giving gamers ownership of the time and money they invest in video games, something we find extremely important for the future of gaming and especially gamers.

So far, 15 games have been released in which players can purchase NFT from its marketplace and use items in the game.

In addition to decentralization, the other key principle of Gala Games, according to the company, is to prioritize playability and to ensure the creation of "games that you actually want to play," this is their motto.

Gala Games' native token, GALA, was launched in 2020 and has seen remarkable volumes, rising from $0.001 to an all-time high of $0.84 on Nov. 26. But in the course of this bear market, of course, the price has fallen sharply and we are now talking about $0.05137.

Whitepaper (in brief)

Within the whitepaper, in the "What is GALA?" section, the $GALA token is defined as a digital utility token in the Gala Games ecosystem. It is cryptographically protected and native to the Gala Games ecosystem. In addition, GALA is transferable between users, who have full control over how they use it.

It can then be used as in-game currency and exchanged among participants in the Gala Games ecosystem, somewhat like Fortnite's V Bucks but with the freedom to transfer, receive, and trade them. The goal of introducing the token, in their plattform, is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement among participants interacting within the Gala Games ecosystem.

Updates 2022

GALA, in addition to previously launched games, has been steadily adding support for new projects in the gaming community, including the latest games: Spider Tanks and Legends Reborn.

Staying as far ahead of the competition as possible in the rapidly developing pay-to-earn industry, GALA has introduced virtual land sales and revenues to keep its play-to-earn subscriber base active and growing. On January 27, 2022, Gala announced a new partnership with Mind Monsters Games to bring Betwixt - The Story of You (a well-known on-chain game) into its ecosystem. The game subsequently received a $1 million (£735,000) grant from the Gala Games Conservatorship fund.

In addition, on February 13, Gala Games launched its first fully generative and responsive NFT series, The Orbs, created by composer and music technologist BT.

Gala also launched the sale of rapper Snoop Dogg's NFT tracks from Bacc on Death Row, we discussed in this article. The American rapper recently launched 25,000 NFT Stash Boxes on the Gala Games platform, selling 45 million in just six days.

On Feb. 8, GALA asserted itself in the NFT space by confirming that it will allocate $5 billion this year to further its NFT ambitions, split between games, music, movies, and NFT theme parks, and this is where our interest in the GALA ecosystem was born.

The $5B fund

Gala Games, has decided to expand further into NFTs, according to a recent report by Blockworks where it is stated that the gaming company will invest $5 billion in the company. The platform aims to develop its gaming model and increase the integration of NFTs.

The report confirmed that the Las Vegas-based startup will invest in NFTs of music, movies and IRL (in real life) events.

The funding was covered by Gala Games' president for blockchain, Jason Brink, who added:

"These were some of the numbers shared with the Gala Gold community, and we certainly look forward to scaling up this development with the community in the future."

The allocation of funds will be as follows: $2 billion in gaming, $1 billion in music, and the remaining $1 billion will be invested in Gala NFT theme parks.

GALA Blockchain

Gala Games Ecosystem announced the launch of its "game-first" blockchain on February 18. Although the final and official name of the Gala blockchain has not yet been determined, the network has chosen to call the initial stages of the launch "Project GYRI," after the folds or ridges in the cerebral cortex of the human brain.

The "game-first" blockchain has elicited a positive reaction from investors, and on Feb. 25 GALA's price rose 20 percent to a valuation of $0.25, figures that are now far from today's reality.

However, we strongly think that Gala's chain will be the first blockchain developed by game developers and thus will have features and requirements specifically for the gaming category, plus it would also lend itself beautifully to ideas such as Listen-to-Earn, Watch-to-Earn, and more, as described by the Gala team.

GALA & Epic Games

On June 7, Gala Games announced a partnership with Epic Games that would bring the game Grit, by Gala Games, described as "the first Web 3.0 and NFT game," to the Epic Games store. This news is extremely concerning as it represents the continued mass adoption of blockchain in everyday use, which in this case would affect gamers and the gaming industry in general.

In the near future we can expect more and more partnerships between GALA and entities such as Epic Games, Steam, etc...

If you are a gamer and operate in the crypto world, come visit us in our Discord and subscribe to our platform to stay updated!


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