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FTX chain reaction: who will collapse next?

Included in Kroll's submissions is a list of 102 debtors, including numerous entities associated with Alameda Research as well as FTX, who filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and moved for joint administration.

The document names individuals and organizations ranging from equity holders of 5 percent or more, bankruptcy judges, professionals, bank lenders and administrative agents, contract counterparties and debtors. Also named are directors, officers, known affiliates, ordinary course professionals and landowners, as well as parties related to insurance, litigation and, finally, government regulatory and tax agencies.

You will be surprised to find that the list of debtors included:

  • Banks and Financial Institutions

  • Bank of America

  • Circle

  • JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

  • Wells Fargo

  • Silvergate Bank

Tax authority/governmental/regulatory agencies

Securities and Exchange Commission

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Department of Justice - National Crypto Currency Enforcement Team

  • Private Sellers

  • Facebook/Meta

  • Apple.

  • CoinDesk

Analysts on Twitter offer interesting insights regarding corporate connections.

This Tweet by the renowned Frank Chaparro also lists other entities directly connected to FTX not listed above.

The Block's Research group adds this very representative infogram of the financial situation related to FTX:

Many bookmakers active on blockchain have even opened bets regarding the next big collapse of the crypto sector. Some of these are even raising huge amounts of capital.


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