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Will Elon Musk embed crypto on Twitter?

Crypto supporters, since the announcement of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, have coordinated their profile pictures by replacing them with images of themselves with "laser eyes."

Co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is one of the industry's best-known Bitcoin acclaimers, and under his leadership, the company introduced a feature to allow users to receive tips in Bitcoin, created a Twitter Crypto division, and started Bluesky, a project dedicated to building a decentralized social media network. Since last November, Twitter has added tips in Ether, profile pictures of non-fungible tokens, and stablecoin payments in USD Coin for a select group of creators.

Is Musk PRO or AGAINST the use of cryptos?

It is unclear what will happen to these efforts under Musk's leadership. His communications are often confusing and counterintuitive. Doge is a clear example: the Tesla Inc. CEO advertised Dogecoin on Twitter earning himself the nickname "the Dogefather" and then denigrated the coin on "Saturday Night Live" in May 2021. Or when he communicated the possibility for Tesla to accept payments in Bitcoin but after less than two months backed down again criticizing the environmental impact of cryptos.

Will Twitter become even more crypto friendly?

Musk has repeatedly criticized Twitter's policy saying that the social network has always had terms that are too strict such that they limit free speech. Similarly, he has repeatedly promoted the use of blockchain to promote free speech and reduce social media spam only to later write that "Twitter's blockchain is not possible." In short, Musk is mocking all journalists and analysts in the industry without any censorship.

What we are sure of is that Musk has already expressed his ambition to turn Twitter into a "super app" and spoke admirably of the Chinese platform WeChat , which can handle messaging, games, payments, and video streaming. With this in mind, allowing the use of cryptocurrencies to tip, for example, could be a first step toward digitizing monetary resources on Twitter.

After all, it is not so far-fetched: META itself via the Polygon network will give its users the opportunity to collect and sell NFTs. Could Musk then envision a similar future for Twitter as well? After all, it is not so unlikely.


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