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Bored Bee Nazis? The conspiracy behind BAYC

Bored Ape Yacht Club is once again trending on Twitter, but this time for quite different reasons than usual. Some serious accusations of racism against the well-known NFT collection are behind the recent limelight.

A famous artist and a prominent YouTuber have released a documentary claiming that Bored Ape Yacht Club is full of 'hidden' Nazi and racist references.

A video titled "Bored Ape Nazi Club" was posted Sunday by 'Philion' famous youtuber, claiming that BAYC (by Yuga Labs) hides "Nazi references, racist imagery and white supremacist messages" in plain sight.

'Philion' has now started a #BURNBAYC campaign, asking influencers and celebrities to burn their Bored Ape NFTs and purchase the "new" BAYC collection created by artist Ryder Ripps. The collection apparently removes "racist imagery" from Bored Ape NFTs and aims to further attack Yuga Labs.

This alternative collection pumped on OpenSea to the top of the charts in terms of trading volume. It was later removed for "intellectual property infringement."

You can no longer find the collection on OpenSea, however it is still available on LooksRare (not that we care).

Some Twitter comments also questioned RR/BAYC's true motives, noting that the sales would have made the creators a significant profit. There is a lot to digest in this story, but we still recommend checking out the documentary video...some of the information is interesting! 🧐


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