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Artificial intelligence (AI) in cryptos: the choice of venture capitalists

Here are some projects to monitor in 2023 identified by analysts inherent to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) connected to the crypto environment.

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI)

The topic of artificial intelligence has not always been a central focus for companies, albeit belonging to the technological environment. The concept of AI has objectively started to be taken seriously since 2015 according to our research section. Companies belonging to NASDAQ have started to include the word AI more prominently in their communications since 2014 while the crypto world only recently. In 2022, with the advent of ChatGPT, the concept of artificial intelligence was completely popularized and cleared through customs, and many startups used this trend to launch themselves into the capital market. This is demonstrated by this graphic representation extrapolated from our research center.

What crypto projects have to do with AI?

Our analysts have identified some projects that are considered interesting. All of the projects mentioned were the subject of major fundrising in 2022 by reputable investment funds and companies active in the field of venture capital. Listed below are the projects that managed to raise more than $10,000,000 recently from investment funds.


Lentra is a platform designed and developed to meet the wish list of any financial institution. From personal loans to credit cards, Lentra has a solution that covers the full spectrum of a financial institution's lending needs-from KYC and compliance to onboarding, servicing, collections, and more.

It offers a range of services to support the financial sector that have apparently attracted the interest of many business angels. These include Citi ventures itself, which has always been very focused on investing in finance-related AI projects.


Chat, interact, share and integrate AI characters you've created into engaging games, worlds and experiences. Inworld enhances character dialogue, personality and behavior and can be used with any avatar or character design. Use natural language instructions and simple controls to configure your character's personality. Powering everything behind the scenes is Inworld Engine: 20 machine learning and artificial intelligence models of characters designed to mimic human gestures, words, confidence, emotions and memory. The combination of all these aspects attracted the attention of star Intel, which through its ventures decided to boost the project's development by participating in recent investment rounds.


Optic is a Web3 industry content recognition engine that can detect NFT copymint, remixes and other inappropriate content in real time. It aims to prevent fraud and preserve value by encouraging collaboration and development of the decentralized industry. It has indeed attracted the attention of Pantera, a fund directly interested in investing in high-potential crypto projects.


With huge artificial intelligence-based MetaBeings, Delysium is building a dynamically generated open world experience for all the world's Web3 vanguards. AI-based MetaBeings in Delysium can hold private properties and participate in play to earn. Not surprisingly, fundraising has participated immutable.

Our factual team follows with much interest the developments characterizing the projects listed above. At the moment, it is indeed not yet possible to actively take part in the capital of these start-ups, but according to our analysts with the return of market interest in the crypto sector, these projects may also require capital from the retail public. Although they are currently still loosely structured start-ups, it is presumable that these ventures have an interest in pushing up the value of these companies in order to sell some of it to the market.


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