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Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions.

This site is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended in any way as an offer for sale, advice (tax, legal or financial) or as a solicitation for investment or public savings. The content of this site is based on data and information in the public domain that we consider reliable, but of which we are not able to guarantee its accuracy, accuracy and completeness and which do not in any case imply any responsibility on the part of the Cryptohubble. The information published may be based on certain data, assumptions, opinions or forecasts that may also change over time, and in any case have always and in any case only an educational purpose and should not be considered as purchase recommendations. The user must therefore always verify its accuracy and topicality and if he decides to invest in the financial instruments analyzed and / or commented on, he will do so assuming full responsibility for them.

The information and documents published on the Site are for information and / or advertising / promotional purposes, and are in no way intended as advice or investment research; any investment product, tool, service to which the Site refers may be unsuitable for the user.

Anyone who makes use of the published data for purposes other than the purely informative ones for which they are intended, assumes full responsibility. The financial instruments referred to on this site may be characterized by a very high degree of risk, the evaluation of which by the investor is hampered by their complexity. This can favor the execution of inadequate operations that can also involve the loss of the entire invested capital and therefore the user will have to independently assess the risk and adequacy for the purposes of his investment decisions, of his own objectives, of his own experience, financial situation and any other relevant circumstances. The information present on the site must also necessarily be integrated with that contained in any information prospectuses present on the sites of the issuers and / or placers and which the user is required to read carefully. Prices and courses published on this site, unless otherwise expressly indicated, are purely indicative, without any contractual value and may not reflect the actual or achievable values or prices.

In any case, it is expressly forbidden to copy, transfer, transcribe, distribute or reproduce the information contained in this site without the prior agreement of Cryptohubble.

For everything as soon as possible not already excluded, Cryptohubble does not assume any kind of responsibility (by fault or otherwise) for any type of damage deriving from accessing or not accessing this site or from the use of its content or in any case deriving from, or in connection with this site and its content. The access and use of this site or of some sections or pages could, at the sole discretion of Cryptohubble, be subject to the release of passwords and the prior stipulation of a contractual agreement for access. Cryptohubble deals exclusively with training and the publication of financial operations performed on shares, options, certificates and any other financial instrument have the sole purpose of improving teaching by supporting it with examples of operations actually performed on the financial markets, in this regard Cryptohubble does not provide its readers and its users no investment recommendations.


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